Tuesday, November 30, 2010

National Adoption Month and A Cause for You

Did you know that November is National Adoption Month?

It is a month set aside each year to raise awareness about the adoption of children and youth from foster care.

With that in mind, today, the last day of the month I have decided to ask you to participate in a worthy cause.

Through the blog Life. rearranged, people are raising money for one little boy in the hopes that he can one day find his Forever Family.

I first came across this little man shortly after having Eslea. While searching the Reece's Rainbow site, I paused when I saw his picture. He looked so much like my precious baby. My body physically ached for him. What I wouldn't give to make it possible....

I am so happy that someone else felt that same way. Not only that, she is on a mission to help Cliff find a home.

There are those of us in the world that have the drive to adopt. The will has been in me since I was 5 years old. It has yet to be possible. Money is a huge issue. Especially now with my own little buggie's medical issues.

But it is possible for someone. There is a family out there who will want Cliff to finally come home.
You can help. Just click on the link below and pray. Your heart will tell you want to do.
God bless.

Want other ways to help? Life. rearranged will be raising money through January 7th for baby cliff. Grab the button on my right side bar and add it to your own blog. Or simply, spread the word.

Thank you! Now go on...you've got work to do baby.

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  1. Hi Erin.

    I hopped over from A Holy Experience...I think. (Sometimes I get hopping around blogland and forget where I linked from!)

    Anyway, first off, I wanted to say congratulations on the birth of your beautiful daughter. I think that she is only a couple of months younger than my little boy.

    After poking around your blog, I came to learn that your daughter has Down Syndrome. I read your Down Syndrome page and have to agree with you! I too was shocked and saddened to learn that almost 90% of babies diagnosed with DS in utero are aborted.

    I know this b/c I spent hours at the National Down Syndrome website after receiving word that my 1st trimester screening came back with an abnormally high risk for DS (1:17 chance). For weeks I was a basket case. Trips to the perinatologist did little to ease my fears and concerns.

    In the end, after my husband and I respectfully disagreed with the medical community's suggestion to do more invasive testing (due to our miscarriage history) I made peace with whatever blessing God wanted to send to me. I dried my tears, picked myself up, and enjoyed the last 20 weeks of my pregnancy.

    And although our baby boy, Luke, was born without that extra magical chromosome, (just plain "normal") :), we were prepared to accept the gift of a Down Syndrome child, who is as normal as any other baby!

    I'll be keeping your little one in my thoughts and prayers as far as her medical concerns go. My daughter was born with 2 VSDs which did close on their own, but my sister's little boy was born with a much more severe congenital defect which was not caught at birth. A year ago, he was diagnosed (due to failure to thrive) and underwent open heart surgery at 18 months. He is now growing and thriving!

    Sorry so long-winded, but your blog touched my heart.

    Blessings to you and your family this Advent season,


    P.S. Do you read "Enjoying the Small Things"? A beautiful blog about one mother's unexpected blessing of a Down Syndrome daughter.