Thursday, October 6, 2011

Yet Another...Ain't too Proud to Beg Post (Day 6)

Sometimes a cause or topic is important enough that you will keep bringing it up and even ask your friends to pass on the information....this is one of those posts. Just so ya know.

The day Eslea was born, I was overwhelmed. The feeling of not being able to control your life takes over and you wonder if you will ever get back on track again. Finally the day comes where the dust settles and you realize that your life track has changed leaving you more in control then you ever were before.
Having a child with special needs does this. It forces you to be the captain, the pilot, the leader, the advocate and even the voice for your child.

I have had many opportunities to advocate for Eslea and will continue to do so. Much greater is the chance we are given to make a difference for everyone with designer genes. Every time I advocate for Eslea, I'm also working to spread diversity and tolerance for ALL.
Almost every parent of a special needs child does this. What we also count on is for our help us reach others. By supporting our efforts and passing on our endeavors you can help make a difference too.

On to the point of my post....

Day 6: Ain't too Proud to Beg

I am asking you again to please support Down Syndrome Awareness month by taking part in the Buddy Walk this Saturday. On October 8th, the Down Syndrome Association of South Georgia will be walking to raise money for Down Syndrome Awareness. The Buddy Walk was started by the National Down Syndrome Society and is celebrated all over the country. Eslea gets to be a part of this event and she will walk crawl her little heart out to raise money for this cause.
Our local DS group will be walking under the name Titletown Tots. The groups goal was to raise $500 and we have exceeded that goal. As a matter of fact, we are so very close to doubling that amount.
I am begging you (Ain't to Proud to Beg...remember?) to consider donating at least $5 to support Eslea at this year's walk. You can go here and pick the amount you want to give. Any amount makes a difference!

Thanks again to everyone that has given so far. Because of you $462 has been raised so far to support Eslea at the walk!! Whoop!
But we can do better my friends. So dig down into your pockets and use that $5 you have saved for a latte to support a worthy cause instead.
Just in case you need a reminder of who you are doing this for.... big almond eyed beauty...

....and her extra chromosome rockin' friends.
Collection of the DSA of S.GA founding member's kiddos. Can you spot buggie and her big blue eyes?
We were not able to attend last year's walk so the excitement of the "first time" is creeping up. Emma is asking questions daily and mostly I answer with "we'll have to wait and see" because it's my first time too. While our DS family was Buddy Walkin' last year, we were just entering into the world of Down syndrome. Eslea's story was just beginning and a walk for Down syndrome awareness was not even a flicker of light in the darkness of our minds.
Fortunately, our new family (joined by that extra chromosome) was walking for awareness. They even took the pictures to prove it. My friends Donna and Emily have graciously let me use some of their pictures from last year's walk to share with you.
The 2010 Buddy Walk in Tallahassee...

Scrolling through the pictures from last year just makes me more motivated.
Buddy Walk...get ready...Eslea bug is comin' and she is ready to walk drool and all.

Yes, this is one of her birthday pictures. I promise to post more pics soon. Swear.

Don't forget there is going to be a blog hop on the 21st to raise awareness for Down syndrome. The hop will be open to everyone who has a blog that wants to support the cause. The only thing you need is a blog and the heart to pass on awareness. The "rules" are easy peezy and there will even be a few give-aways for hop participants. Plus it's a great group of co-hosts that you'll love to meet. The first confirmed co-host is Becca over at The Bates Motel. If you haven't checked out her blog yet, head on over. Her beautiful pictures of designer gene sportin' Sammie with her Rapunzel-like hair will make you want to attend the Buddy Walk yourself. Which you can do by the way...just sayin'.
If you are interested in Hoppin' for 21 on the 21st, details to be posted early next week including the sign-up linky. You can also find me on facebook if you would like me to send you an invite for the event.
Tomorrow I will have another guest blogger. Donna Johnson is one of our co-founders of the DSA of South Georgia and she blogs over at Loving Life. So come on back tomorrow and meet someone new.

It's getting late and there is so much to do tomorrow to get ready for the walk. Well, maybe there is not THAT much to do...but sleep is necessary. Oh so very very necessary.

Happy Thursday. See you tomorrow.

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  1. Yay! Uh, for lots of things! Yay for your upcoming Buddy Walk and your fabulous fund-raising, yay, for those FAB pics of Eslea, yay, for the Blog Hop coming up! :-) Oh, and yay for the mention! (thanks!)