Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Quick Thanks! (Day 12)

Thank you to Moody AFB's 820th Combat Operation Squadron Booster Club!
They raised almost $140 for the Down Syndrome Association of South Georgia.

This is such a big deal as we are in the need of informational materials and other supplies for parents in our area with newly diagnosed designer gene babies.
This money will go a long way and we are so very grateful.
Thanks to Arlene Christmas that headed the fundraising.

Why would they do that for us you ask? Well, beside the fact that it's a great cause and all our kiddos are stinkin' cute....
they did it in honor of Renee.

Renee is the daughter of Emily and Todge Smith. They are one of the seven original families that formed our DS group. Unfortunately, the family will be leaving us soon as they have been reassigned to Nebraska.
(Every time I say or write that a little high-pitched voice in my head goes..."Nebraska?!?")

Want to learn more about beautiful Renee and her parents?
Come back on Friday where Emily will have a guest post on my blog.
I should also have the Blog Hop linky up and ready to go!

Again, Thank you so very much to the 820th Combat Operation Squadron Booster Club. Every bit of money raised for our DS group helps to promote diversity and awareness for all people!!


I'll be back tomorrow as I continue on this 31 for 21 campaign.

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