Monday, October 3, 2011

Buddy Walkin' (Day 3)

Today is the third of October. Today I remembered a promise to myself that I would blog 31 days for T21. A few days late..typical me. How is it that the older we get, the shorter our memory becomes? Isn't it ironic...don't you think?

Some bloggers have developed a plan for the month. A method of sorts to help them with topics as they undergo this 31 day challenge. A challenge it is. Sometimes it's difficult to think of a post once a week none the less to commit yourself to a daily post. Well..commit...may be the right word here.

My time during the day has been spent with me writing in my notebook. One idea..scratch..another...scratch. The decision is finally made that I am just going to wing it. Life will show me what posts need to be made and so, I'm going to trust in that. :)

Day 3: Buddy Walkin'
October is National Down Syndrome Awareness month. Many of you know this but most do not. October shares many titles with the DS community...Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Domestic Violence Month, Fire Safety Month, School Safety Month...just to name some.
When I Google "October is" Down Syndrome is not even one of the first ten choices that Google selects for Awareness Months. That makes me sad but like most, I also did not know this. Now I do. Now what do it do with it?
I blog. I tell friends. I send emails. I walk.

This Saturday in Tallahassee, FL is a local Buddy Walk for Down syndrome awareness. Our small rag-tag group of Association members are making our way down for the event. This will be our families' first walk. I'm excited to say the least. I have spent weeks recruiting walkers and supporters for our group.
Eslea is ready. She has been practicing her crawling all week. Determined to keep up with us walkers. I'm bringing her stroller...just in case.
Last year we did not have the opportunity to participate in the walk. When these same people who we are joining this year were walking in 2010, my Eslea had yet to be born. Jason and I had yet to know of her extra chromosome. Our lives had not yet been touched by our little miracle and changed forever.
Yet this year...this year...WE WALK!!
We celebrate her first birthday and we celebrate her extra chromosome.

I am asking those of you who have yet to join a team or sponsor a walker to please consider sponsoring Eslea. Your donation of just $5 will help her to reach her goal of $200. Not only that, it will help organizations like the National Down Syndrome Society promote tolerance and diversity so that kiddos, like Eslea, can grow up in a world where differences are celebrated.
If you are interested in making a donation, just click HERE. Go to Eslea's page to make a donation. Make sure to include your name so I know exactly who to thank!

For those of you that are a part of your own team...Congrats!! Please post a link to your page below in the comments. I want everyone to have an opportunity to see the wonderful community we have that works so hard to change the world for those that sport designer genes.

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  1. Best of luck with the buddy walk!! the challenge I two was a tad bit late and still not sure I am going to...I like reading I think this year I will just sit back and listen! I look forward to it! awareness is good..smiles