Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Blog Hop Anyone? (Day 4)

Today started as any other day except, Eslea had her one year doctor appointment. Which I missed most of because of work. Which resulted in daddy coming to the rescue again. Which had daddy forgetting to keep this mama updated regularly by text on the situation. Needless to say...a worried mama is an unhappy mama.
Eslea is fantastic by the way. The fighter in her braved the sticking and prodding to come out the other end smiling. Like usual. Proud to know that my baby girl is growing just fine thank you very much. Excuse me doc. You say her head circumference runs a little small? Really? Compared too....?? Ah yes, that's right, we like to use the scale for babies with Down Syndrome ...remember?
The doctors have to be reminded. Every time.

Day 4: Blog Hop Anyone?
Somewhere among the day while I was worrying about my baby in an exam room crying uncontrollably because mama wasn't there and of course, only mama can make it better...I had this amazing idea. (These don't come that often people, so amazing is the right word here. Trust me.)
Who is up for a blog hop?
As you may know, October is Down Syndrome Awareness month and many of us are blogging 31 for 21 in honor of someone we love with designer genes. Taking it just one step further, what if we have a blog hop on the 21st?  The 31 for 21 campaign has done a wonderful job bringing attention to the DS community. (This is the 5th year by way for the campaign. Can we get a Whoop?!)  I mean come on, if enough people write about it, surely someone will read it. Now, having a blog hop on the 21st would just push it even farther. Reaching new bloggers and stretching our T21 tentacles even farther into the world wide web.
Thoughts please! If there is already a blog hop, let me know so I can post it here for others to see. If not, let's do it people! I can get all the info up and going tomorrow so that we can start promoting the hop. Then we can hop till we drop on the 21st.

Speaking of being so tired one could drop....

Baby girl has had a very long day. This is her "I'm so tired I fell asleep drinking my bottle and now my face is squishy and I'm snoring really loud" face. Man she's cute.

Happy bloggin' everyone!


  1. I'd love to hop! Not sure exactly how to set it up but sounds like a great idea to me!

  2. Sure, why not? And she certainly IS cute! Love sleepy babies. :-)

  3. Sure, I'm in! Ohhh, I just loooove sleepy babies... :-)

  4. love the blog hop idea. I think you should set it up

  5. Love the pix of Eslea so sweet! I like to send Chad with the shots...I cannot handle Maddie in any sort of pain! so happy she is growing...of course she is...she is perfect! cannot wait to see about his blog hop! smiles

  6. I'm in if you need me!


  7. Ok...I'm an idiot. Whats a blog hop? lol