Wednesday, January 12, 2011

counting down the days (and some thank you's)

Seven days until Eslea's surgery.
I am trying to not think about it.
Yet, it creeps in...those thoughts.
The ones that make my eyes burn with newly forming tears.
I hate those thoughts.
So I push them away and I focus on the good in front of me.
My Eslea.

I adore my Eslea.
She is an angel just like so many blessed kiddos that share that extra little chromosome.

Today.. there are seven days left till her surgery.
Today, I enjoy the BEAUTY of her...
She is an angel.

Eslea my precious.
Thank you for choosing me to be your mommy.
I am honored.

Thanks to everyone who commented on the last post.
Facebook, blog, email...I read them all.
I took your advice. I looked up organizations, joined groups, and found new friends.
I take peace in knowing the success stories of those who have come before me.
Thank you all so much for sharing.
Little buggie thanks you too.

I love to hear any words of wisdom or other advice as long as you are willing to send them my way.
Thank you again.

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  1. Eslea is so very pretty! I am thinking of you all...good vibes to you and your angel..smiles