Tuesday, January 18, 2011

One day...standing on the threshold

Our bags are packed.
My eyes burn at times with the tears that want to surface but I keep them away somehow.

I'm going to miss Emma.
At the same time, I am grateful for those that will take care of her while we are gone.

I am also thankful for the support of those that have kept my buggie in their thoughts and prayers.
Thank you.

As I stand here on the threshold of her surgery, just one day now, I reflect on the vast difference of love I feel for her as compared to the day she was born.
Her birth was so hard for me. Accepting the fact that I now have a child with special needs was a true leap of faith. It's a leap I will never regret.

I have always told people that my first child, Emma, taught me how to love. Before her, I never knew how to truly love. I never understood how great the love parents have for their children. Most importantly, she taught me how my heavenly Father loves not only me, but everyone.

Eslea taught me something so much more. Her birth opened my eyes to the different types of people in this world. Through her, I see people that I never noticed before. Through her, I see more clearly how HE sees us...

Emma taught me how to LOVE.
Eslea taught me to love EVERYONE.

Again, thank you for the continued prayers for Eslea and for our lost student...James.

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  1. just want you to know we are thinking of you all...smiles