Monday, January 3, 2011

Charity of the Month: January 2011

Eslea Margaret joined our little family in September 2010. She brought with her unexpected joy and an extra little chromosome. Like most people, our family was not aware of the role that individuals with down syndrome have on our community.

Our family goal is that one day our little girl will be accepted by all and given equal opportunities throughout every aspect of her life. The National Down Syndrome Society works to make this goal possible not only for our Eslea bug but for all people with down syndrome.

As you begin to look at your resolutions for this new year, please consider adding one more...making down syndrome awareness your charity for 2011.

Please help by donating to the NDSS and visit Eslea's page.
You can do so by clicking HERE
or by copying/pasting the link below:
Thank you!

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