Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Prayer Request ( and a baby dedication)

It has always amazed me how things in life tend to flood in all at once.
Eslea's surgery is just 2 days away.
I am spending the time praying and packing and everything else I can think of to get ready for it.

At the same time, I am sad for other reasons.
One of my students and his family also is in need of my prayers.
I feel that I am being pulled to be there for them and yet I can't.

But I can make a prayer request or two...
If you are reading this, I am asking you to pass it on.
What I mean is share this with your friends and family and anyone else.
Because there are two kiddos right now that need your prayers.

The first, is my student, James (scroll down to see his picture).
He is 17 and a senior at the high school at which I work as a counselor.
I feel blessed to have known this brilliant kid and his parents for two years now.
As of Saturday morning, he is missing.
He went hunting on a local pond with a friend and did not return home.
His friend was found ( he also needs your prayers..for strength) but James still has not.
That was almost three days ago.
My town is turning out for prayer vigils whenever possible.
Yet, those who can not attend those meetings can help also.
Through prayer alone.
Pray for him and his family. For their strength.
Prayer, like so many other things, makes such a great impact in masses.
Even if you can not be a part of the prayer meetings, you can take faith in knowing that your prayer will be lifted up to join in with the thousands of others.

The second request, is for my buggie...

today was her baby dedication.
I thought it was important to have this done before her surgeries.

Thank you to my friend Leslie for taking pictures. Thank you to Pastor Chris for everything!
I used to feel uncomfortable asking for prayers for me or a family member. But it is amazing how much that has changed since Eslea's birth. I will not only ask for her prayers, I will beg.
I'm beginning to find peace with the surgery now and it is only two days away.
Yet that peace has come only because I know that others have been praying for her.
I thank you for that.

I celebrate today...the GIFT of her...a gift from my heavenly all of us.

Thank you all again for the prayers.
Not only for my buggie but also for my student and his family.


Two real beautiful kiddos that need you.
Prayers mean so much right now.
Thank you.


  1. Thinking of you, little Miss Eslea, and your student and his family. Like I said before, we've been through the OHS - just let me know if you have any questions!

  2. thinking about your family and the missing husband is a high school teacher an it is amazing the bond you can share with your students...good vibes to Eslea..hugs

  3. Beautiful pictures of Eslea's dedication! We will be praying for her everyday...And also for you to feel at peace during the surgery :)
    Thats so sad about your student, I hope he is found soon, I will say a prayer for his family as well.