Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Worless{ish} Wednesday: Sister Love

-Sister Love-

Emma can make Eslea's face erupt into the biggest toothless grin you have ever seen on a baby.
Buggie knows her sister. Buggie loves her sister.
Every day Emma spends about 30 minutes playing on the floor with buggie laying on top of her.
Eslea relishes her chance to kiss and laugh and slobber all over her big sis.
It's the most beautiful sight I have ever seen.




They have me wishing I had a sister. Love.

Happy Wednesday!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Goodbye baby girl, hello kindergartner

It's official. As of Friday, I have a kindergartner.

I spent weeks getting ready for that first day. Buying school supplies and picking out fall clothes. Reading the dress code for the school system and reviewing the lunch menu for the first month. Talking to Emma about the new friends she'll get to meet and how she'll still see her old ones during recess.

None of that mattered. None of it. Because when the time came for my first born to step onto the curb from my car and head by herself into that elementary school, my eyes teared up. Watching her walk into the building unsure of herself but pushing forward anyway...I realized that my baby girl was not so little anymore.

Fiddling with her bag of Pet Shops on the way to school.

The entire time that I was preparing Emma for that first day of school, not one time did she mention to me that she was nervous. Not once. Instead she would answer me with her usual "Mommy, I know". A sassy response that she inherited Yet today, she said something that made me realize that she was worried and never let on. Proving to me again, that she is growing up much too quickly.
This afternoon, my mother, Emma, Eslea and I head into town to do a little shopping. On the way we were talking about my mother's new job and her feelings around working somewhere new after 35+ years with one company. She said that she was excited but scared and nervous at the same time....
"I'm looking forward to it ...but it's kind of like....."  and paused. During her pause, Emma offered up this response..."Like the first day of school". Me..."Yes, Emma, exactly like the first day of school".

Where did my baby go people? How did such a sweet little monkey turn into a kindergartner so quickly? I swear just yesterday she was learning to say "mama".

I was in the mood tonight to look at baby pictures of Emma. Wasn't she a baby doll?
 (Eslea looks so much like her big sister. Beautiful.)

Well, off to get ready for tomorrow. It's a school day you know.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wordless{ish} Wednesday: The Pier

-The Pier-

Okay, so technically the pictures are not from today...but they are from a very recent Wednesday. Swear.

Secretly, with the students coming back on Friday, I'm wishing I was back at that Pier.

(Insert wishful sigh here)

Happy Wednesday!


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Over the Top

I am blessed. I am shoot for the stars over the top blessed.
I have a job that I love.
I have two children I adore.
I have a wonderful husband.
I have a great house.
I have a daughter with down syndrome.
Blessed. Blessed. Oh so very blessed.

When I was sitting on the beach, I again reflected on Eslea’s birth. How I was so scared at the thought of raising a child with special needs. Now, ten months later, those thoughts have been replaced with overwhelming blessings and joy. She is a joy. She is perfect. There are so many moms right now that may be receiving similar news about a "special" diagnosis. The rush of feelings and doubts will attempt to overtake your mind. I know those feelings. But to be completely honest with  you, if you are one of those moms, I’m HAPPY for you. I feel joy for you.
You are blessed.
You’re child has designer genes.
Your child is PERFECT.

Maybe it was the trip to the beach that has me reflecting so much on these blessing. Every time I visit my friend the ocean, she reminds me of the vastness of life. That we are so small. Our problems are so tiny. Our wants…so minute. Feet in the water feeling the tide pull the sand between each toe as I soak up view of the sky forever chasing the sea...blessed.
Blessed. Blessed. Blessed.

I just had to get that out. It was inside of my heart waiting to burst. Writing the words, well, it seemed a little less messy.
Okay...just one more...blessed....

(Man o' man I adore that girl.)