Thursday, January 13, 2011

6 days to go...

Yes, I'm counting down the days because...
I just can't help but to think about it.
Those thoughts.
They are crazy little buggers.
Sneaking up on me.

While I'm sitting at my desk at work, they come up behind me and tap me on my shoulder.
I try to brush them away, but they are persistent.
So, I finally give in.
I let those little thoughts have their way for just a few precious moments.
Six more days.

Today I celebrate the JOY of her...

in the things she can do and how she amazes me.

Yes my friends, I do find it amazing that she can not only find her thumb but bring it to her mouth when she wants. Wow baby!

in the true love bond that can only be seen and shared between sisters.

I just know that there will be so many more days of joy ahead of us.



  1. I used to do that too before Addison's surgeries. I found that I had to keep very busy or else I would seriously stress out thinking too much about it. What Children's Hospital is the surgery being done at? We traveled to Boston for ours, and the physical act of packing and organizing the trip helped me cope!
    Your daughter is absolutely gorgeous, btw. Love the thumb sucking!

  2. The sister pictures are adorable, what beautiful girls!