Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wordless{ish} Wednesday: Happy Birthday Eslea

Today Eslea celebrates what is to be the first of many birthdays.
Today she is ONE!

I have tried several times to write a post that expresses my thoughts around this time. How Eslea has helped this family to go through the most amazing changes in only a year.
But each time the words start to flow, so do the tears.
Today is not a day for tears.
Today is a day for least for most of us that is.

So later. Later I will write my feelings about this day.
For now, I will just say...

Happy First Birthday Buggie!!

Today started as any other with you making everyone else's day brighter from the very start.

Today was the second celebration for you this week so we decided to keep it small.
Just the four of us because today is offically your birthday!
Your sister's homemade card was perfect.
There will be time for the balloons, presents and a larger gathering later.

Jason making sure to remove all of the hard candy before Eslea gets her hands on it.
You were not sure what to make of the cupcake and icing.

Hopefully we'll have better luck with your birthday cake in a few days.

Today was nice. Just us.
It was fun...

at least until the party hats came out.

Maybe it WAS a day for tears...those darn hats.

Sister to the rescue.

Happy Birthday Eslea!

Your big celebration is in just a few days!
I promise, no party hats at that one (maybe).



  1. Ohhhh, happy, happy, happy birthday, beautiful girl!!!!!! Wow, 1 year old! That's a BIG day! And Eslea has the most amazing big sister, too. Love the card, and the consoling kiss. Beautiful.

  2. Happy 1st Birthday Eslea!!! Loved the party hat pictures, lol, so darn cute. And I remember those feelings on Russell's first birthday...I spent the day fighting back tears and telling myself this was about HIM, not ME! But so many emotions were mingled in with that day it was a tough one for me.
    Hope you guys have a wonderful celebration later in the week, and I think its wonderful that it was just you four today on Eslea's special day :)

  3. OK, I had to laugh at the hat pictures. So so sweet and cute. Poor little girlie. Good thing she's got a nice sister! Happy Birthday to a lovely little girl!

  4. hahaha!! awwwwwww!!! well, you were kinda right on fb - it was kinda a bday 'hate' haha - hat hate - heeheeee!!! - she's so cute! - I don't like those darn straps either Eslea... ;( grrr... Happy Birthday BAbY!!! And Momma... Happy "Birth"day... :) Sweet Emma - how adorable - hooray for sisters!

  5. HAPPY BIrTHdAY!! Luv LuV the pix...Eslea is to year is a GREAT birthday so much emotion...and with that so much love...yeah Eslea have a great one! smiles