Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A New Kind of Blog

I want to share something ...I'm working on a new website/blog. It is devoted exclusively to all things Down Syndrome. Research, resources, blog hoppin' and features, guest bloggers, weekly guest posts from therapists, expert Q&A, etc.
I think you guys will love it.
I do need your help though.
I will be featuring a guest family every week and I want YOU to be one of the families. Interested? Just send me a message on facebook or email me for the information ( or ). The only requirement is that you have a child or sibling with down syndrome OR you sport that beautiful extra chromosome yourself. I'm looking for all ages. This will not be about one DS family...this will be about the DS community.
I'm so darn excited. Can you tell?
That's why I've been so slack lately on this blog. Getting things together for the new one. I want to debut it for October so get those emails to me and be thinking about your post.

Note added: Do not forget when sending me an email to include a link to your blog. Thanks!


  1. cannot wait to follow the new blog! hope your school year is going well! smiles

  2. Oooh, sounds great ! Count me in!! Oh and I cannot for the life of me find you on FB!! So you find me :)
    (Jenny Chillihitzia)