Thursday, November 11, 2010

Have a Yummy Day

Yesterday, on my way to meet a friend for lunch, I pulled behind a van on the interstate. It was this nice shade of brown with polka dots of many colors. It was a van for a cupcake bakery...yum. On the back of the van, so it's the very last thing you remember when pulling away, are the words "Have a Yummy Day."
So, I did.

The weather so far this week is just the icing on top of a yummy day cupcake.
Warm days. Cool nights. Blissfully perfect.

The Yum started as lunch with a friend who has a baby just a few weeks younger then Eslea. He was Yummy. Like a creme cheese filled raspberry cupcake kind of yummy. Every time I get around a baby close to Buggie's age, I start to compare. How does she measure up when it comes to smiles, tummy time, growth?
So I stop and remember to sit back. Breathe. She is pure yumminess of her own. She is my ultimate cupcake. Caramel flavored all the way.

Other bits of yummy...

...delighted bits of stars in the eyes of a 4yr old as she tries on her new winter coat and hat.

...having dinner picnic style by another cozy fire. baby toes.

...a little monkey in a bunny towel.

...sister love.

That's my yummy.
What's yours?

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