Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Finally Fall (9weeks, 1 day)

Happy Thanksgiving Eve. This time tomorrow night I will be full from a day of mouth watering treats and giving thanks for my overly stuffed tummy.

I spent the day with my two favorite girls. Ever so grateful that Eslea is with us this Holiday season. Remembering a time after my divorce when I was scared that I would never have any more children. That Emma, the joy that she is, would be my last.  I am an only child and more than anything I wanted a large family. I could have never imagined the blessing that was coming my way. Just 2 years ago I had to give up the desire to ever have another little girl. Yet now I am not only thankful for Eslea but also for my sweet husband. A year ago he and I went on our first date and have been together ever since. He is about as close to a soul mate as I can imagine. He is the best thing that could have happened to Emma and I. He is the best daddy Eslea could ever have.

Tomorrow is a day of Thanksgiving. With that in mind, my girls and I spent the day in preparation for tomorrow's festivities. The Thanksgiving table would not be complete without confetti made by little hands. I taught Emma how to use the paper cutters and she set off on a mission to fill a baggie full of fall colored trinkets.

Thanksgiving is also not complete without a homemade sweet. An easy treat that is a tradition for most families: rice krispies treats. Ours is made with peanut butter because well, it's peanut butter. Oh baby, everything is better with peanut butter.

Eslea loves to be outside and it is the perfect place to do our daily development routines.

1) Tummy Time
Good ole' tummy time. Today I plopped buggie on a quilt and tried to tempt her with colorful leaves to raise that tiny head of hers. Started with a pillow till she pushed herself off. She is strong like that.

2) Tactile and Visual: Leaves....again
When there are so many colorful leaves around, why not use them? First, I had her set those beautiful eyes on a leaf and follow it from side to side. I would take her hand and stretch out her arm to touch the leaf while saying "leaf" over and over. I swear the kid eventually grabbed it all by herself. I also let her spend time with her feet in the leaves. They make this great crunch sound which she loved to hear as she kicked those tootsies amongst the piles.

3) Copy Cat
Every day I try to spend time with my face as close to hers as I can get while making silly faces for her to see. I will do one expression repeatedly until she finally makes the face herself. Let's just hope that the old saying "your face is going to freeze that way" is not true.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.
Be Thankful. Love your family. Stuff your tummies full.

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