Thursday, November 4, 2010

The View from Hospital Room 204

Eslea fell asleep when we were leaving the hospital today and didn't wake up for three hours. (Yeah, big surprise I know. It's not like they wake a person up every 2 hours to stick a lovely temperature stick where the sun don't shine.) When she woke up, we were home. She spent 10 minutes just looking around the living room with those beautiful blue eyes wide and observant. Wonder if she remembers "home" or has forgotten? Hmmm, did I mention...we are home!

When I added it up, Eslea has spent 1/6 of her very new existence in the hospital. To chronicle this most recent visit, I decided to share our little adventure from hospital room 204.

Day 1
Sleepless Night
IV Mishap
Slow Moving Clock
Caring Visitors of Friends and Family
Sweet tea
Crying (baby AND momma)
Counting dirty diapers

Day 2
Sleepless Night
Adoring the pediatric cardiologist
Hanging with the mother-in-law
The clock that I'm positive makes time stop
Sweet tea
A loving husband and new dad
Eating dinner outside with my oldest
Emma feeding her Cheetos to the squirrels
Emma running from those same squirrels

Day 3
What is sleep?
Sweet tea
A monitor free baby
Bye bye hospital

What am I going to miss about this little adventure? The always super cool hospital staff and the sweet tea. I'm telling ya. The cafe in the place has the best sweet tea ever. Worth the swing by if you're any where close. Trust me.

The best part about being home?
Having both my baby girls under one roof.

Even if one of them might not be as enthused as the other.

Now, off to find my dear old friend Mr. Sandman.

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  1. Ernie she is just beautiful. You all are in my thoughts and prayers every day. Love you and miss you bunches. Michee