Saturday, November 6, 2010

Super Fast

I love this time of year.The temperature outside goes down and the thermostat inside goes up.
Last night we turned the heat on and I'm loving it.
It time to start getting ready for the holidays and family gatherings. I love family. Growing up an only child makes me appreciate the time I share with family and friends. I want so much for both of my girls to be close to their family.
Emma is blessed to have a cousin her age that lives close by.

Nothing like playing dress up and sharing secrets between little girls.

Once I found a jacket to put on this morning, we started our day with Emma getting pictures taken with Lisa Hannen for a "Ballerina Days" session. It was crazy fun. I love the sound of my little girl laughing and Lisa did a great job turning that giggle box on full blast. If interested in your own "Ballerina Days" session, check it out HERE.

The weather this time of year also has me giving in to the desire to curl up on the couch and take a little nap.
One of my new favorite sites in this house is the wide eyes of a cute buggie waking up from nap time.

And the unhappy cries she emits when I just can't pick her up soon enough.

Big sister of course made it clear that she is "too big" for a nap. No nap for her. No way. No how.

The crisp air makes you want to get outside and GO. I'm sure in other states, they would say this is more like the start of their Fall season. Around here, we know that winter (or our version of it) is on its' way. One of the best things about living this far south is that we can enjoy the smell and feel of a coming winter without having to face the harsh cold. It's the perfect time for taking walks around the block. Or, if you have the energy of a 4 year old, you take the block on a bike going "super fast".

I look forward to the days that Eslea can go bike riding with her sister. I wonder when it's going to happen. Will she beg for a bike at age 3 like her older sister? Or will it take her a little longer? I so much want her to get to enjoy all the same things as Emma. Bike riding, dance class, gymnastics, swimming, piano...and the list goes on. I want her to do it all.
I have read so many books and articles on Down Syndrome. They all have me worried about her limitations. Yet one thing I know, I refuse to be the one who sets limits on her. So, when the November day comes in her future and she decides to go "super fast" on her bike, I'm going to let her.  If she falls, she falls. If she soars, she soars. I want her to jump, run, play, get hurt, laugh, and cry. I expect her to be a kid just like any other.

For now, I'll keep soaking up the baby sweetness of her and appreciating that today she prefers napping to doing anything "super fast".

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