Saturday, November 13, 2010

Smoke, smoke, go away...

...that's it. No need to add the "come again another day" part. Just wishing it away.

Baby, it's dry outside and the fire has started. I think the worst part of the smoke being so thick outside is that you really do not want your children inhaling the fumes. Especially not the precious newly formed lungs of someone who already is struggling so hard to take in oxygen. Yep, I'm referring to Eslea.
I so hate to keep her inside all day. But I must.
She adores being outside.
It does not matter her mood. The minute we walk outside, she smiles and soaks up the sun.
If she's stops. If she's sleeping..she wakes up.
She's her daddy's girl I tell ya. She's happiest being busy and being outside.
Indoor entertainment has just had to do.

Despite the past few days of lung pollution, we've managed to have some good times.
Playing dress up passes the time quit nicely.

Now some random pictures taken by one cute little 4 year old monkey.

That's with a good old handheld auto 35mm.
I'm so proud.

Tomorrow is Sunday. Enjoy!

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