Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Some Kind of Wonderful....

How or even why do you start a blog really? Do you wait until person after person wants to know your story? Do you give a history of events? you just jump right in?
I'm a jumper...

Six weeks ago my life began again. But I didn't know it. Sometimes your life changes and you think it's over. You wish for it to change back. You PRAY for acceptance. Finally, you realize just how wonderfully unpredictable life can be.

I don't have time right now to share my story or history. I will say that that 6 weeks ago the most beautiful little almond eye girl unexpectedly came into our family, changing it forever. That story, I'll tell later. I need to do it justice. It's still too fresh.

Today, I sit in the same hospital in which she was born just 6 weeks ago. Just around the corner is the NICU in which she spent the first 4 days of her life. Now, I sit in the pediatric unit watching her sleep in the bassinet with wires attached to monitor her ever so fragile heart. Today is Day 2 of this adventure and hopefully the last day. I'm ready to go home.

In addition to my youngest monkey being born with down syndrome (something we found out about after her birth), she was also born with two holes in her tiny heart. Every day she struggles to pump blood and take air. And yet she does. Today she saw a cardiologist who put her on medications in hopes to help ease her struggle to breath and to help the blood flow more smoothly. Bless that doctor. Hopefully, she'll start putting weight on better.

I love this little girl. She is a bundle of squirmy happy joy. If you met her, you'd fall in LOVE. Everyone does. Yesterday, was a hard day. She was underweight, dehydrated, sick and the IV came lose in her skin. Her entire leg and foot were swollen before anyone noticed.
It was the first time I heard my baby cry in true agony. It was also the first time I cried for her pain.
She had to wear a diaper around her leg for half an hour to help with the warm pack.
Poor thing.

Yet, despite it all, last night she gave me her FIRST real light up her eyes SMILE while HERE in the hospital. It was some kind of wonderful! She's gonna be a "glass is half full" kinda girl.
I just know it.


  1. Congratulations, and *welcome* to your baby girl!!!! Thanks for visiting my blog. You're about to embark on a wonderful (and crazy) adventure, and will meet many truly beautiful people. Are we friends already on FB? Feel free to e-mail me any time ( :-)

  2. By the way, she's *gorgeous*!!!!