Saturday, April 2, 2011

Wonder Mom

Sometimes words flow smoothly from my finger tips allowing the ideas that have been forming in my mind to somehow surface on the glowing screen before me. Other times I have writer's block. Period. That has been my past week. Starting to type and erasing. Posting pictures and removing.
I wish I could contribute this to the fact that my life has been less then memorable the past week, but that is not so. Work. Rain. Sick Baby. Those are the things that have encompassed my world for the past seven days.
Like most Wonder Woman Moms out there, when one of our children are sick, everything else becomes second in your mind. Doctor's appointments, x-rays, medications...all new front runners in the list of things that must be done in the course of a day.
I adore my Eslea. Having to watch her this past week as she is fighting off some kind of infection or cardiac issue has been a struggle for me. So many times I just want to yell "STOP" into the wind and hope it reaches the ears of whoever is causing her pain. Instead, I hold her. I rock her. I give her medicine. I pray. I spend hours in doctors' offices and after hour clinics. I do whatever it takes. Because sometimes we just have to put on our wonder mom panties and suck it up.  Our little wonder babies need us.

Eslea is doing fine by the way. She did gave us a little scare for a few days there. High temperatures that we couldn't control with medicine. Swelling in her hands and face that seem like an allergic reaction but no one is sure. X-rays showing spots again in her lungs that may be caused by blood from her heart or ...well, who knows.
So, today, we stand still not knowing exactly what is going on in that little body of hers. Despite it all, she somehow manages to share her magical smile with everyone that passes her way.

The events of this week have me thinking about the article in the paper and the words I wrote just for that feature:
“It’s amazing the difference six months can make. I have realized that there is only one reason that I was so scared and depressed when I first learned about Eslea having Down syndrome … ignorance. Like most people, I did not understand what exactly it means for someone to have Down syndrome. Yet, by educating myself and meeting other parents in the area, I have learned how wrong I was and how much I still need to grow. People with Down syndrome are individuals with their own wants, needs and desires. They can graduate from high school, go to college, get married, drive cars, hold down jobs, and so much more."
“Now as I reflect back, I’m amazed at the difference of feelings I have about my sweet Eslea. ... I am PROUD of her. I am proud that she is not ‘typical.’ I’m blessed that she changed my views of the world. Having children teaches us how to love. My Eslea taught me how narrow my view of the world has been. Now I know what it means to truly love everyone. Every. Single. Person.”

My first born, Emma, made me a mom. Eslea brought out the wonder woman I had hidden within. I know your kiddo has brought out the same in you. Your secret super power. Wonder Mom. Super Mommy. Lighting Mama. Whatever your name may be. We are united by the same thing, the will to do whatever it takes, including fighting with our pearly white teeth and manicured nails, for the well being of our little super family.

Now, excuse me if you will, my cape is a little dirty and I need to start a load of laundry.
Happy Friday.

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  1. sick kiddos can be stressful to say the least...and then putting the health unkowns it is just scary! I am glad Eslea seems to be doing better...Maddie and Max have also been sick the last 2 weeks with high fevers and just sleepless nights...When I got her dignosis I soon realized that my fears were ignorance and the future unkowns of my stereo types...hope you have a healthier week and less dr appts! smiles