Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Breakin' for Spring

In the world of education there are many things that both students and faculty find themselves in disagreement...dress code, wearing of IDs, the validity of the excuses given for missed homework. But for many years previous and many years to come, there is one thing that most everyone can agree is a much anticipated event in our microcosmic world in which we live eight hours a day..Spring Break.
Unlike most of my coworkers and students, I did not venture out of South Georgia for my spring break fun. While others were soaking up the sun and tanning their skin to a nice toasty shade of red that matches my favorite lipstick, I was at home enjoying my kiddos.

Emma turned five. FIVE. There is just something about that number. A feeling of toddler days fading forever to the past and young tween years approaching. Sigh. My "big girl" (as she now likes to be referred) has the pleasure of sharing a birthday with my beautiful maternal grandmother. Eslea shares her name (Margaret) and Emma gets to share her birthday. This was the first time my grandmother (aka "Mamaw") has seen Eslea since the open heart surgery. Of course LOVE at first sight. We basked in each others' awesomeness while taking an excursion to the local strawberry patch. Strolling through mounds and mounds of brightly colored strawberries, one can not help but smile. Oh the tranquility of it all.

Just can't properly enjoy the berry picking process without knowing the rules.

The strawberry that jumped out of the basket to escape. It JUMPED I tell ya.

Every year Emma's (oh, sorry...big girl's) birthday falls close to Easter Sunday so this year we took advantage of that and fully embraced the Seasonal theme of eggs, rabbits, and chocolate. In an effort to save some of my sanity, I opted to have the party at a location that would bring joy into the hearts of the other pre-Kers that were present. Emma had been wanting to see the movie "Hop" so I decided what better way to celebrate a monkey turning FIVE then to watch a bunny playing drums.
Movie + Cake + Ice Cream + Presents + Video Games = One happy birthday girl

Pretty sure all her little bunny buddies had fun too.

Birthday cake- $60
Strawberry Bucket- $8
The everlasting memory of my Mamaw saying she is PROUD OF ME- Priceless

Excuse me. Had a little happy tear trying to escape there.

Rounded out the week by celebrating our one year anniversary with my hubby. As cheesy as it may sound, he is my best friend. To finally find the missing piece of my soul puzzle is totally worth all the crap and heartaches I once had to go through. Love.

The wedding cake on the day we were married.

The cake today.

 Emma wanting to get in on the picture taking fun...

and the cake eating fun, of course.

Although there is a tiny bit of jealousy inside my bones that wants to creep out when I hear of the beach going fun of those around me, I am rather proud of my spring break. If I do say so myself. And I do. Besides, the beach is only an hour away and I do visit her often enough.

Now, a wonderful announcement if you don't mind.
As most of you know, I am one of seven families who are working to form the first Down syndrome support group in our region. We are working to set up a website, a facebook page, apply for non-profit status, etc. One of the many areas that we are aiming to address is bringing awareness to our organization. Because unless our organization is out there, how can we spread our message of acceptance and awareness?
In order to make this happen, I will begin offering giveaways on this blog. These giveaways will be solely to drawn attention to our support group as we begin building our foundation. I am so excited and can not wait to get started. But..wait I must. I am still accepting prizes but I assure you that when it starts, you will be the first to know.
What kind of giveaways am I talking about? Well how does a gas card sound? Or a mud pie outfit for your little cutie? What about a super store gift card? Or perhaps even a vacation getaway?
Yep. That's right. Good stuff. Stuff I want myself but I can't qualify. Shucks.
Oh well, you'll get the prizes and the Down Syndrome Association of South Georgia will reap the benefits.

Now, I have work to do and prizes to sort.
Catch ya on the flip side.
(yeah, I don't know)

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  1. Spring Break at home can rock! it is so hard to travel with a baby...and a Big Girl! I have a Big Boy! that 5 years of age is a great calm after the strom of 3 and 4! I LOVE the birthday cake! looked so yummy and perfect for the kiddos! those strawberries were making my mouth water! ready for summer...smiles