Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wordless{ish} Wednesday: Little Girls like Bugs Too

-Little Girls Like Bugs Too-

Hey Emma Grace! What do you have there?

A lady bug.

We are going back inside, so let it go now.

But mommy, it's so cute. Can I keep it?

But mommy, I already found it a house and a leaf to eat!
I will love it forever and ever.


Maybe I should keep her away from the other little buggie in our house...


  1. such a cute post! we are growing lady bugs from the larva stage! Max is loving all should do it! we also have butterflies, pitcher plants and venes fly like a nature habitat in the house! but so fun for 5 year olds! smiles

  2. So cute!! My kids always seem to have pet catapilars...They dont last long around here either, lol