Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Clouds have Lifted (An Eslea Update)

Today is a very special day.
For today marks six weeks since Eslea's open heart surgery.
Can I get a Whoop?!

For those not in the "know", six weeks is the amount of time doctors deem the "don't even think about it" stage. Okay, that's what I named it but you get the point. For six weeks, we had to be extra special careful of her breast bone, so there was very little (if any) tummy time, no picking her up under her arms, so on and so on. Although I'm still leery, I'm also excited at all the new developmental activities she now gets to undertake.

Six weeks. Six weeks since her surgery. I've spent some time reflecting on the moments that led up to that day. The day I allowed a surgical team I had met only briefly stop my precious little one's heart in their quest to save her life. Browsing the words that I wrote on the day the surgery was rescheduled and skimming the pictures of her tiny frail body...well, let's just say I have never felt such relief when the surgery was finally over. I have spent too many days in this short life of mine crying over the health of my sweet child.
Since that surgery, Esleas is growing and thriving. She is starting to become the child I imagined her to be. The very same child I hoped and dreamed over as I rubbed her head as she grew in my belly.
I take that back. She is better. Far better than any child I could have ever imagined. As I watch her, I can see the face of the child she is becoming. The face of the person she is going to be.

Excuse the blurriness, my battery was dying but I just had to show that little face.
Now, let's take pause for a moment to enjoy the mushy feeling that can only be found while gazing upon some sweet little baby pudge...

 Baby. Pudge. Yes. That's right. There is Whoopin' going on all over this house.

Six weeks. Smiling mama here.

We have met with the pediatric cardiologist since the surgery and although the majority of his findings were very good, he did have some bad news for us. Eslea still has a small hole in her heart; the closing of the PDA was not successful. Because of the extent of the leakage she now has through that hole, she will again need to undergo a procedure to close it sometime in the near future. The good part (of the bad news, if there is such a thing) is that she most likely will have a heart catheter used to fix the damage versus another open heart surgery.

The clouds are lifting. Sun shining. Baby Laughing.
Life is Good.

Eslea had her physical therapy evaluation yesterday for the first time. I nervously waited what the therapist would say because I knew how the heart condition has held her back. So much time passed in which Eslea was not allowed to be placed on her tummy that I was afraid of what the outlook might be. The proud mommy in me wants to tell the therapist all the things Eslea does well but I refrained because I want the truth, however it comes.
My mommy pride bubble grew bigger yesterday. Eslea, despite not having tummy time for almost three months now, is on track for her age. Here comes another...Whoop! She is almost sitting unassisted, rolls over when she is in the mood and the best thing is that she is honest to goodness trying to scoot around already. I love watching her little toes as they dig themselves into the floor while at the same time attempting to scoot those newly chubbed arms forward to reach some brightly colored toy in front of her. Man I love that little girl.

Thanks again to everyone who prayed for our little buggie and the good thoughts that were sent into the world.
Six weeks.
Okay, just one more...



  1. Erin & Jason, I just love reading your post...they are the Awwweee's, the heart warming moments, and words, that as a mother I wish I could write so elegantly as you do...Both of you as parents are an inspiration to me with the love you share for your children...don't get me wrong....I love my babies more than anything in this world but reading your post makes me realize...getting aggrivated over something broken or all the spots on my carpet are meaningless compared to the moments we have while they are our babies...Thanks for the moments of calm and awwee you give me, and for making me realize for all that i sometimes take for granted...Love yall...and hope to see you soon. Twila

  2. Those eyes! That face!!! Love her! I remained pretty squeamish after Samantha's surgery, terrified to put her on her tummy or pick her up, even well beyond that 6-week period. I stopped nursing her at surgery time, too, because I was afraid of holding her too close and hurting her. Eslea looks like she's doing amazingly!! Amazing how quickly they bounce back and how quickly they begin to make such big strides once their hearts are repaired. :-)

  3. So happy to hear how great Eslea is doing!! She is beautiful :)

  4. Yay!!!! I'm so glad she's made it past that 6 week danger period! She is such a cutie pie...I love how inquisitive she looks in the last picture!