Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Still waiting...

Today we are spending another night in the PICU.
I am tired.
Tired from lack of sleep.
Tired of being moved from room to room.
Tired of the waiting...

After the surgery, Eslea seemed to be doing well and we had the pleasure of spending two nights on the pediatric floor. It was like a tiny bit of heaven. Our own bath room for goodness sake!
Unfortunately, Eslea developed fluid around her heart and the cardiologist had to remove it yesterday.
They removed two ounces of fluid around her heart. That is an enormous amount when her heart is only the size of a walnut.
After checking again today, fluid has again developed. At this time, it is a small amount so they are giving her steroids to hopefully stop it.
Sometime late tomorrow afternoon, they will do another test to see where we stand.

So, again, we are waiting, praying, and remembering who all this is for...

Thank you to everyone for your kind comments, emails, fb messages, prayers and love all around.


  1. Ohhh, sweet girl!!! She really looks amazing. Hoping for quick resolution to the fluid issue. I remember being obsessed for weeks after Sammi's surgery with the slow decrease of the fluid around her heart. Hang in there!! ((hugs))

  2. Hoping the fluid issue clears up soon!! It must be such a stressful time for you, I am praying for you and Eslea...Sending you a hug :)