Monday, February 28, 2011

Oh Fate!

I love Saturdays. It is the perfect cushion day snuggled between work and another day off, full of possibilities. A day to just enjoy my kiddos while shooing away the buzzing worries of schedules, doctor appointments, dirty dishes and fast approaching deadlines. So, I take it personally when fate decides to take out her aggression on me and lays out a plan of deception with a Saturday from crappy land.
This past Saturday was "One of Those Days". I have used that phrase loosely before and mainly in reference to times when things just do not seem to get accomplished on my job. But this Saturday was truly a "One of Those Days" day. I just know that fate was being vengeful that day and paying be back for some long time ago act of unkindness she feels I bestowed upon her. Oh Fate. Curses to you.
The day started as any other potentially blissful sunny Saturday that included a trip to the playground with my oldest friend Melody and her kiddos.

Emma loves playing with little boys, even if they don't always go along with her games.

Jason even dropped by for some tether ball fun.

I will spare all the chaotic details but I will say that somewhere between that lovely trip to the playground and my bed, the day went sour. It started with Emma falling down in the grass and somehow the day proceeded to go on a downhill sleigh ride from there. It continued to pick up speed with the bumpiest point of the slope being when Emma decided to let everyone in a crowded restaurant know that she has just fallen onto the cold tile. Cries of how she had broken her arm and how it would never, ever (ever, ever, ever, ever) work again rang loudly as they bounced off the wooden walls. Sigh. That night, my bed never looked so darn good.

You can only imagine my relief when Sunday morning arrives bringing me smiles, another sunny day and flowers.

A sweet couple at church dedicated the flowers for this Sunday's service to the two newest babies in our church, one of them Eslea.

The way I figure it, fate owes me one...and lucky for me it's Monday, with a new week waiting to open up its' hidden possibilities.

Wondering how you and yours spent your Saturday and if fate paid you a visit.

Happy Monday.

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  1. What lovely flowers to end a chaotic weekend! So sweet that they dedicated the service to Miss Eslea. :-) Our Saturday was pretty uneventful other than a playdate with some friends, but I'm about to put up a new blog post about Sunday. Weekends are almost always worth writing about, even just in their simplicity.