Monday, December 27, 2010

The Full of Pictures Post

Three days past Christmas and we are a house full of sick people.
It's been crazy around here.
Having cranky kids (and cranky mom) doesn't help the process much.
I'm sure our house is similar to yours, hustle and bustle and stress that leads you to the big day.
Days after are full of cleaning and sorting.
And questioning...did my daughter really need that expensive new kitchen? Did she really need anything? It is worth having another thing to pick up and dust after?
You know. You think it too.

I love it all though. Really. The alternative is being alone without my hubby or great kiddos.
I'll take busy and stressed over the alternative any day.

Hope you like pictures.
Because baby, if there was ever going to be a "chalked full of pictures post", this is it.


The children's Christmas program at church. Emma has the same attention span as her mother. Bless her.

Waiting in line to see the jolly ole man. Emma made sure to bring a cut out of the toy she wanted for Christmas. Hmmmm I bet Santa was wishing Emma would have let him know sooner. Just sayin.

Making cookies for Meme and Nana.

Enjoying Christmas Eve merriment with the in-laws.

Emma doing her version of the "Disney Princesses on Ice" care of a pair of stockings and one slippery kitchen floor.

The Joys of Christmas Day.

Santa's half eaten cookie and the empty glass of egg nog. He also feed his reindeer with the bag of oats we left out. What a nice guy.
What was Eslea doing amidst this excitement?

I must confess, there were a few things she did on Christmas day that were a joy unto their own.
She chose that day to start talking. Well, her version of talking. Mainly consisting of cooing and babbling but definitely sharing opinions.
She also managed to grab a toy that was hanging from her play area...all by herself. She hung on to that thing for like 5 minutes. Swear.

My favorite part of the day was listening to Emma sing "Happy Birthday Jesus".
I'm leaving the song on my blog for just a few days longer.
I love it.

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  1. But what a beautiful expensive new kitchen it is!! And hours of fun for both Emma now and for Eslea later. :-) Btw, Samantha has the same doctor's kit, and loves it. So much so that we bought her yet *another* doctor's kit for Christmas, too. Can't have too many of those, right?