Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The "Time sure does fly by" Post

It's amazing to me how life flies by.
Like a strong wind that grabs you by the ankles and pulls you along.
Sometimes a larger gust will hit and you get pulled higher and higher thinking that you'll never come down. Life just seems to move faster and faster as you move higher and higher away.
Other times, it slows down and you take a glimpse at your surroundings. You can see all the things at work that need to be done, the friends that you should call for that lunch date, and family time you wish you could wrap up forever like a beautifully decorated Christmas present.
Than there are those times, when the wind actually stops. You hit the ground with a thud, brush yourself off and look around. Only to realize that it has been almost a month since your last post.
Time has dropped you somewhere in the middle of another birthday and Christmas. And most importantly you realize that it's been 3mths since your newest precious joined you on this earth.

Happy Three Months Es!
Thank you for picking me to be your Mommy!
You are my favorite birthday and Christmas gift all rolled into one adorable bundle.

Complete randomness from these past few weeks....
We were not able to visit my family in N. Georgia for our annual Christmas celebration. Thus we missed the snow fall this year.
Yet in order to allow Emma to experience just a tiny taste of the family Christmas spirit, we let her open the gifts my parents brought back from the family celebration.

I love to watch those baby blues of hers light up in excitement.

By the way, that purple unicorn pillow pet she is holding makes her FOURTH pillow pet that she owns.

Every Christmas season I try to find an ornament that symbolizes to me the year that is about to close.
This has been a great year for our family.
I married the man of my dreams and we brought the newest precious addition into our family.
That's a lot of pressure on an ornament.

My favorite........

Now. Going to work on growing my nails a little bit longer so the next time that wind tries to take me for a ride, I'll have a better grip on life. If there is anything I have learned from being the mom of Eslea, is that life is too tender to let any moment go unnoticed.

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