Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pure and Simple

Life is amazing in its' simplicity. I'm aware of the absurdity that comment may seem to some because for most of us life is anything but simple. Days often rush by without us stopping to take a breathe. Those days pass into weeks, months, and years. Heartaches and heartthrobs, defeats and rewards, they all come at us in a swirl of emotions that most often would never be described as "simple".
Yet there is one thing in life that I personally find simple.
Love. The innocent love that is shown by children.
Some may argue and say that children do not really understand love. I would disagree, I would say that children have it right. They love automatically. Without thought or reservations.
Pure. Simple. Love.

Even the smallest of children can recognize it as some sort of shared ability. The wide eyed willingness to accept each other. No questions asked.

Eslea saw her cousin Grayson for the first time since she has become more aware of children. To say that she was excited would be an understatement. She flailed her pudgy little arms and screamed at him till he came close enough for some face grabbing and mouth tasting action. But you can't blame her, he is a cutie at only one.

On mothers day Jason and I spent time with both our mothers. This gave us an opportunity to spend some time among the family we wish we could visit with more often. Although the time was short, it was precious to see Eslea among those, who like a child, love her unconditionally.

I sometimes reflect back to the times when I was scared of how others would perceive Eslea. Scared that they would love her only because of her extra chromosome... or maybe not love her for that same reason.
Those thoughts no longer weigh on my mind. It is obvious, people love Eslea just for being Eslea. Spending time with family reassures my soul that my child will grow to know how much she is loved and appreciated for the love she herself gives so willingly.

Maybe we can all one day return to the first form of love.
The love in the form of a child. Pure and Simple.

If you have a little one in your home, take time to enjoy the pure love.

Now, time to clean up the sappy mushy mess I just made.


  1. Sappy, mushy messes are the best kind, and you did a great job of it. :-) Love the pics! I can't imagine anyone *not* loving that beautiful, wide-eyed, pudgy-armed little sweetheart!!

  2. I love how you write...Beautiful!